SUPPORT & SOLUTIONS for your marriage

This workshop will help you revitalize your marriage as it grows into a healthier relationship than you likely ever thought possible. You will be able to experience peace and joy together where once only turmoil and dissension existed. We believe that you will be encouraged and strengthened by stories you can relate to as you fight with one another - rather than against one another - toward a beautiful future.

"Throughout the years, Ashley and I have heard the stories of thousands of marriages completely transformed through the work God has allowed us to be a part of as he reconciles men and women in ways that only he can. As I’ve mentioned before: the word “impossible” – when it comes to marriage – is a word I no longer believe in." – Dave Willis, Founder & Creator of Fighting For My Marriage

This is not about collecting something from you – this is all about an invitation to experience something for you. We’ve built our reputation and our honor on years of committed service to couples, and we believe that this is one of the best resources we’ve ever been able to offer.