dont stay stuck

Take one another's hand - all is not irreparably broken.

  • Dave and Ashley Willis affirm our belief in marriage. They remind us what a happy marriage is all about. We feel elated hearing stories of couples who shun the negative in their lives and adapt themselves to God's plan.
    — Rwin and Pia Pagkalinawan, Senior Philippine National Police Superintendent and Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor for CNN Philippines
  • Dave and Ashley Willis are amazing! I've tried so many things to help my marriage, and Dave and Ashley have helped me the most. We are renewing our vows as a direct result of their positive influence in our relationship. We've never been happier!
    — D. Smith, Orlando, FL, Married 17 years
  • Dave and Ashley are the REAL DEAL! They are outstanding guides for helping anyone to get back to the basics of what makes a relationship work.
    — Claire. W. - Augusta, GA, Military Spouse with Three Children
  • I just wanted to thank you for all you guys do concerning marriage. My wife and I have pretty much put each other through hell and back for a lack of better terms. We have both had affairs... Ours is a great story of how God can reconcile even the most strained marriage and bring it back to wholeness. Thanks again for your Godly commitment to help people struggling through what can be (but doesn't have to be) the toughest relationship of all – marriage!
    — Jason
  • I actually tried to cancel this program because I was certain our marriage was over. That was the start of a new beginning for our marriage, a turnaround and rebuilding. We are now stronger than we have ever been - my husband just texted me last week: 'I dont get mad at you any more, you are my soul mate.'
    — Kila Birk